What is REASZON?

REASZON is the most accurate, rapid, and efficient assessment of critical reasoning skill ever invented.

Why test critical reasoning skill?

Critical reasoning skill is among the most important ingredients of success in today's academic and professional environment.

What to expect when taking REASZON?

You will take this assessment on a computer, tablet, or smartphone (for greatest accuracy in selection of your responses, a computer is strongly recommended). 

Follow the following instructions to take the assessment:

A) You should receive an email from CustomerService@REASZON.com stating the following, ""You have been invited by ..." to take a critical reasoning test on REASZON...."
B) Within the body of the email, you will see another statement that says, "You can access your test at...." followed by a link to the assessment. Click on the link and you will be taken to your REASZON assessment.
C) An instruction appears with a red box that says "Start the test". After clicking on this, you will be redirected to a set of instructions for the test, along with some practice questions.
D) Read the instructions, and do the practice questions, to make sure you understand how the test works. Once you've completed the practice questions, you will be prompted to start the assessment.
E) While the test shouldn't require more than 30 minutes to take, there is NO reward for speed; however, the test will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. So TAKE YOUR TIME! Be careful when thinking through each question, and try to get the CORRECT answer without guessing.

REASZON Results – what to expect and how to interpret

A) After you finish the test, you will get a numerical score between 700 and 1300. This score is a measure of your critical reasoning skill, as evidenced by this one test. Of course, your performance on any test will depend on a variety of factors including your level of stress, your concentration, and how well rested you are, in addition to other factors.

B) Your numerical score will either be in the "fully proficient" range, in the "moderately proficient" range, or in the "still developing" range. If your numerical score indicates that your critical reasoning ability is still developing, then you now have an opportunity to train your critical reasoning skills. There are exercises that have been very effective in training critical reasoning skills. REASZON provides a service to aid in developing your critical thinking skills. For more information go to REASZON.com.

C) Your percentile score indicates what percentage of Reaszon players scored lower than you performed. For example, if you scored in the 42nd percentile this would suggest 41 percent of all who have taken the assessment, prior to your attempt, scored lower than your score.