The REASZON assessment provides the first accurate, scaleable, and cost-effective measure of critical reasoning.

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Assess candidates on what matters – reason with REASZON.

REASZON™ Assessment

The assessment provides an individual report with key metrics and detailed information.

Individual Report. Name, Rod Jones. Test Date, 02/02/2019. Score, 922. Percentile, 23rd. Critical Reasoning Level, Proficient. Candidates at this level will be generally capable of: Deduce consequences from a given boy of information, capable of recognizing patterns in a given body of information, and distinguishing information that is relevant to answering a question from information that is irrelevant to answering it. A bell curve graph showing the standard distribution of Reaszon results.


"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

– Albert Einstein

REASZON is the only critical reasoning assessment that...

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Measures critical reasoning directly

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Free of demographic bias

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Correlates with ACT and SAT scores

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Is a fraction of the price of other assessments

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Is fast, results in only 30-minutes or less

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Is reliable even when taken in private and unproctored settings