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REASZON is a logic game that accurately tests your critical thinking skills in less than 30 minutes

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REASZON is the first fully automated, reliable, critical reasoning assessment.  It provides an accurate and immediate evaluation of a user's critical reasoning skill. Based on an algorithm created by some of the world's leading experts on critical reasoning, REASZON will generate a unique series of digital puzzles every time it is taken.

Studies have demonstrated that each series of puzzles provides the same accurate measure of a user's critical reasoning ability. In addition to being much less costly to generate, and much less costly to administer to users, REASZON provides a more accurate and culturally unbiased evaluation of a user's critical reasoning ability than today's other standard tests.

"Leaders everywhere are seeking sharp critical thinkers. Advertised job postings requiring the skill have doubled since 2009. And a recent Davos World Economic Forum report lists the same capability as #2 in the top ten skills for the global economy in year 2020 (up from #4 ranking in 2015)."
~ Brook Manville, Forbes (April 2017)

"95% of chief academic officers from 433 institutions rated critical thinking as one of the most important intellectual skills for their students.  ... among 400 surveyed employers, 92.1% identified critical thinking/problem solving as a very important skill for 4-year college graduates to be successful in today's workforce." 
~ Ou Lydia Liu, Lois Frankel, Katrina Crotts Roohr, ETS Research Report (May 2014)

"People who score well on critical thinking assessments are also rated by their supervisors as having good overall job performance, job knowledge and the potential to move up within the organization."
~ Mike Dash, CR&DO, Macat

REASZON is the only critical reasoning assessment that...

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Avoids bias for the user's cultural values or background knowledge.

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Automatically generates a completely new sequence of questions each time. Take millions of times without ever compromising the assessment.

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Generates accurate results in approximately 30 minutes of play.

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